Lichess puzzles, by ECO

Introduction Consider making a contribution to Lichess. Lichess has published over 1.6 million puzzles, helpfully categorized by themes. I’ve categorized them by the opening and ECO code that they have originated from. They are free to use. To do this, I downloaded the Lichess Puzzles database. Each puzzle comes from an actual game played on The puzzles come as a CSV file. For each puzzle, I retrieved the details of the game that the puzzle originated from.

Why do your Facebook posts link to this blog?

I’m writing this before I’ve created a Facebook account. This post serves as a pre-commitment to a social media approach that I hope to elaborate on below. I may never create a Facebook account, but this allows me to set the terms should I go ahead and do it. And maybe it can answer some questions about how odd this is. I’ve spent the better part of four years away from Facebook, and social media in general.

Hello again.

This is my blog. We’ll see how this goes.